About Us - and our event space
Eric and Jodie

The Sawyer Room was created by my husband (Eric) and I (Jodie), in March of 2007, and we had our grand opening one month later. We opened the business under the principles of how we were and were not treated when we were the bride and groom 1 year before opening the doors. As the bride and groom, searching for a venue, we both found that some of the other venues in Kansas City had lost the personal touch and forgotten the reason they got into the business, which was to take care of the bride and groom and to make their day as flawless as possible. We soon found out that we could not find what we were looking for in Kansas City, so our thought process after our wedding was to search for a unique space in Kansas City, open a venue of our own and treat people like we wanted to be treated. We have tried to follow those beliefs everyday in our business, resulting in making brides and grooms continuously happy during their special day. Our goal is to make your day as special and memorable as possible. Our personal business goal from day one has been, if we as a staff strive for perfection, human error says we should do very well. We enjoy sharing and creating special memories with all of our clients and will do our best to treat you no different. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and to schedule an appointment to start your fairy tale event.


Words of advice:

On March 14, 2012 we celebrated 5 years in business! First off we want to say “Thank you” to all of our past brides and grooms and also to all of the brides and grooms that we have coming up. We can’t wait until your event! For those of you that are looking at The Sawyer Room for the first time, thank you for considering us for your upcoming event. We want every bride and groom of ours to know, that we know you have many choices for your wedding day and it can be confusing and a bit overwhelming at times. If you have choose The Sawyer Room for your event, (as our testimonies will tell you) we will take the stress and worry out of your “special” day and try to help make it just that, “special”! We provide you with a small list, because we are very picky on who we would trust to send you to, of preferred professionals that know exactly how to run an event and how important customer service is, not only to you, but also to us at The Sawyer Room. We as the owners are very involved. In over 5 years we have never missed an event at The Sawyer Room. So, we have seen a lot! With that said, we know that there are good vendors out there, but if you want the best that we have seen in our ballroom, you will have to follow our lead to who we feel are the best and who we consider our “A” team! You, the bride and groom are our livelihood and we will never forget that, nor should the vendors on our list. You might save a little money choosing a less expensive venue or vendors, but we feel so confident that no other venue owners in Kansas City will provide our level of customer service and be there with you every step of the way. (Meaning from the time you read this-through our first showing-signing the contract with you-through the payment process-planning process-our final 30 day out meeting then throughout the day of your event.) You only have to look good and have fun, and we will take care of the rest. Then maybe someday we get to see pictures of your little ones! That is what makes all the hard work and planning with you worth it.

We appreciate you taking your time to let us share from our hearts, as venue owners, how much passion we have for this business, customer service, but most of all your happiness as a newly married couple starting the first day of your lives together with loved ones, friends and us at The Sawyer Room.

We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your ”special” day!!!

Eric and Jodie DeLeon

Owners of The Sawyer Room